This project arises from the need to enrich the collective imagination with a different look than the masculine one. The history of painting and visual history has been showing us women for centuries as an object of desire, not as a desiring subject, giving us only a sexual dimension. Only one look has dominated, the male look and it is not that there is something wrong with this, it is that others are missing. I think we must begin to associate women with other values.

I was interested in photographing women outside the stereotype, my friends, showing them as they are, resisting rigid poses, excessive retouching, we concentrated on the dynamics that occur between Sorority women, I limited myself to document what was happening. To this we added carefully chosen elements: a tape measure, a huge ladder, apples, cutouts of models in magazines, among others. I chose a lighting scheme using advertising photography.

Along with the photographic series, we launched a short video on social networks where these women use their voices to share their personal experience, their feelings about the social dynamics that tend to discriminate, to diminish women from a stereotype of beauty. The social function it embodies focuses on the urge to reflect on judging the other based on their appearance rather than on their human qualities and values.