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The portrait excites me, fascinates me, invigorates me, inspires me.

  I don't believe in capturing the essence of someone in a portrait. Going through life involves such complexity that the essence of a person cannot be captured in a fraction of a second.

The most interesting shots for me are those in which there is an emotion told in an overwhelming, particular way, but above all that which is not quickly understood, due to its complexity or contradiction, I think this can turn a portrait into something psychological, emotional.

The portrait is a representation, a portrait is an opinion. How does that person dwell in the world?

"Picasso said of Gertrude Stein: "This is not how it was when I painted her, but it will be that way sooner or later" After one dies, it becomes visually that, it is a terrible responsibility for a photographer." Alexey Brodovitch

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