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This series starts from the search within the reality of the character sense, of that subject in circumstance that stands out for his emotion. I used distortion as a resource to expose and magnify that notion of feeling on time that made them stand out while isolating them from their surroundings. I tried to create an atmosphere between the fantastic and grotesque in order to expressly connote them with the touch of  "the special".

Here two sets of work, "That feeling, Havana, 2016 y "Janis ´ s Guilt, Mexico City 2017. The first one documents preparation for the final exam of students at the National School of Performing Arts in Havana. The second is a photographic report captured in one night at two trendy night clubs in Mexico City: Janis and Guilt, is the result of an exercise by the author's photography workshop by the New Yorker Allen Frame master in The Academy of Visuals Arts in Mexico City.

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